Snickers is now on 4 days with no medication and 6 week visits to Dr. Marshall. I rate him at 90%.  We are currently working on the neck and the top of his wings to grow feathers in. He is doing great.


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In Memorium

jerry.gifMr. Gerald DuFresne, RPH, founder of Creative Compounding Center, passed away on April 26, 2008.  He graduated from Wayne State University in 1966.  His pharmacist career began at Cunningham Drugs in Detroit.  He worked at independent pharmacies and pharmacies he had purchased between 1980 and 1999.  Loving compounding, he and his wife Cheryl opened Creative Compounding Center in Lapeer, Michigan in 1999.  They moved their business to Imlay City in 2004 and built a state of the art compounding lab when they outgrew their building in Lapeer.
Jerry was actively involved in business and community activities.  He was a member of Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dryden, MI. and belonged to IACP, PCCA, ACA, BNI, Imlay City Historical Society. He was the President of the Almont Historical Society.

IMG_0117Cheryl2013_200x300.jpg IMG_0107lab_200x300.jpg  
Cheryl DuFresne CCC-RX Lab  

The entire staff at
 CCC-RX ready to
serve you.



Kobe and I recently became clients of the Creative Compounding Center as part of his treatment for the lump on his rump (a.k.a. cancer).  Kobe is a 9-year-old 100+ pounds American Bulldog/Pitbull Mix who I have had since he was about 8 weeks old.  He is totally deaf and has been since the day he was born.  Overall, he is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy and, hopefully, his treatment plan of metronomic chemotherapy and radiation therapy will keep him that way as long as possible.


When I was told that Chloe’s thyroid was high, we initially started out with the pills and immediately I knew this was not going to be good. I would have to wrap her completely in a towel to give her the pill and the first few went down ok but she quickly learned how to kick that pill to the side of her mouth and when let her go, she would spit it back out, stinker!  I knew at this point that I was going to switch to the transdermal gel.   I am elated to tell you that after 4 weeks of being on the transdermal gel, we just had our first check up and her T4 is back to normal and her liver enzymes are back to normal plus she has gained some weight.  Thank you all so very much for the amazing work you do! This gel has made both our lives a little less stressful and we greatly appreciate that!


Hi!  My name is Bijou Gill.  I am a 13-year-old Papillon. Last Friday I had surgery to remove a tumor from my bladder.  After the operation I couldn't control when I had to tinkle, so my parents put me in a diaper.  Oh, the humiliation.  On Tuesday, the doctor phoned to say that I have transitional cell  carcinoma.  He recommended that I begin taking Piroxicam.
He said that because I weigh only six pounds, the medicine would need to be specially prepared.  A nice lady named Diane  from Creative Compounding called to process the order. Yesterday, Christmas  Eve, my parents picked up the prescription at your pharmacy.
When they came home, they gave me my first dose.  It tasted wonderful!  I love the chicken flavor!  Mom put it in a little dish and I lapped it right up.  Today I had my second dose.  I'm feeling much better already!  I'm going  potty outside again (Yay! No more diapers)and have been acting just like  my old, pre-surgery self....begging at the fridge for baby carrots, barking
at the deer, and enjoying having my back scratched.  Thank you for giving me, and my folks, a wonderful Christmas!


Mr. Spock is a 4-1/2 year old, male neutered Cornish Rex for whom you just compounded a transdermal gel. Thank you for expediting shipment of the gel.  I was able to start last night, and again this morning, and while it’s too soon to report any results, he doesn’t attempt to scratch at his ears or seem to notice the gel in any way, and it appears to absorb really fast. 


Charm is on the left with the grey muzzle.  Her daughter Cookie is on the right.
The DES is accidents while she sleeps...what a relief!  Carrie C. March 2014


"Thank you for sending out my eye drops so promptly !  I'm a 12 and a half year old Lhasa Apso mix. I am epileptic, diabetic, and blind.  Sometimes my eyes get very dry and irritated. They are already starting to get better after using the drops just twice."  Feb. 2014


Cheryl - Thanks so much for the medicine.  It has been real easy to hide in the food.  Mollie will take whatever you hide in the pill and then spit out the pill.  Glad to know we have you to turn to.  Thanks, Sue  (June, 2013)


Just yesterday, I received the Diltiazem CD that Creative Compounding made for Pixie.  She was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in October, and we've been looking for a pharmacy that could compound an extended release so she only needs one pill per day.  I was so relieved when your company said it could be done.  Thank you!


Dear CCC-RX,
This is my sweet little Snookie sitting in front of the register warming her
biscuits ,something she always does after playing outdoors in cool weather.Sookie just turned 6 yrs. old Oct. 13, 2012.  Such a short life!
The medication is working well, although I have to give her pepcid with
famotidine twice a day.  She is active, eating and doesn't seem to have a lot of pain.
Thank you for caring.


Dianne and I extend our sincere thank you for your terrific service in getting Clifford's medication to us so quickly.
I am a retired Paramedic, and was not surprised when Dianne told me that we needed to wear cloves when giving Clifford his daily doses, but it was great advice for her. She is very appreciative for your directions.


I recently had a prescription filled by Creative Compounding Center for my cat Mr. Peepers, which he seems to be tolerating well even though he hates ear drops. Attached is his photo. Thank you!


We just received our cat Oreo’s medicine and the letter requesting a photo of her.  I am attaching a photo collage that I recently made since it is readily available. (If you would prefer a single photo of her just let me know and I will send one of them individually.)  Oreo was named by my “little boys” many years ago because she was “black on both ends and white in the middle”.  The “little boys” are now grown men,  as Oreo just celebrated her 20th year earlier this month!  While she moves a bit slower and is deaf, she still likes to relax with us on our deck and chase the chipmunks that stray into her vicinity and is quite the lap cat! She is having some thyroid issues and is simply so crafty that she can locate and refuse any pill no matter how small and in spite of everything we’ve tried to hide it in!  Your compound that we rub in her ear is a blessing… she actually enjoys the process!  Hallelujah!  Thanks so much.


I brought Sally to Dr. Mark P. Macina of Animal Medical Center, New York and he prescribed Doxepin5mg+Cromolyn gel to be applied on my Cat's inner ear twice a day. The
medication is working well on my cat Sally. And I thank CCC,Inc.  for compounding this medicine. You and Dr. Mark Macina are a great team. Keep up the good work!
 Again my deepest appreciation to you all.

Zeke Donnellon is a Border Collie/American Eskimo mix. We don't know his exact age, but we figure his is almost 6 yrs old. We are happy to report that he has been doing much better with his seizures. Over the years, they have gotten less frequent and milder. Thank you for helping us take care of him!


Here is a photo of your new customer, Tigerlily.  She has to take clomipramine for skin problems, but the pills are large and grainy and get stuck in her throat.  Rubbing the cream into her ear doesn't bother her at all.  Thank You.


Jane and all of you at Creative Compounding. Years ago you helped my dear beloved Einkidu, now you are helping my sweet Shelimesh. My husband and I are truly grateful. Here is a picture of our sweetie. Her name is Shelimesh Davidson.  Thank you all so much.


Here is a picture of Esther hanging out in the birdbath for your photo album.  She's a Sphynx, so don't worry--she's not supposed to have hair!

Thanks for getting the RX to us so quickly.  Esther is happy to have chicken flavor, as most of her other  medications have come in tuna flavor and she doesn't like fish.


Here is "Peanut", a personable and smart kitty.  The doxycycline (liver flavor) that you compounded for her has really helped.  I am so glad she is back to her old self again.  This must be an allergy or sinus condition because we never had any problems if this kind when we lived back home in Tennessee.  Thank you for your services.


This is Tinkerbell. She is a 31/2 year old Chihuahua/Dashchund mix.
She came down with a mystery illness which invaded her body and had surgery to have her spleen removed. I found out last week what she has when the culture finally came back.
The medication we received from you has helped tremendously and I am sure that with the new medications, she will continue to improve
Thank you

Attached are some photos of my dog Rudy, who is seeing better thanks to Dr Hutchinson  of the Pet Authority Animal Hospital,and the Staff at Creative Compounds who put together an eye drop that is already have an amazing effect. Thank you so much.    Rudy.Straley.jpg
Today we received the Potassium Bromide that Sydneys' doctor prescribed for her, so we haven't given any to her yet.  We will start it along with her morning dose of Phenobarbital. Sydney is a 5 and a half year old Australian Shepard.  She is a wonderful dog, smart, funny and a loving girl. She just started having seizures in May of this year and are trying to get dosages correct for her. Right now, she goes for a 10 day period without any seizures, then, she have
several a day for 3 days. Then, none for 10 days or so. breaks my heart to see her go through this, but she's a trooper and just keeps plugging along. Thank you so much for your services and we'll let you know how she does.

Attached is one of our favorites of Kess.  She just had her first dose of piroxicam and she seemed to like the beef flavor.  Thanks, from us and her, for getting this med to her so fast.  Kess and family.    
Here is a picture of Gizmo. I have received my first batch of the Transdermal Gel and we would both like to express our gratitude in making this process so much easier than shoving a pill down his throat twice a day. It has been very frustrating for both of us and he is up in age so I like to keep his stress down as much as possible. I am a little worried that his kidney levels are high probably due to the thyroid medicine but this gel is a blessing!!! Thanks so much from the our family.


Good evening.  I wanted to thank you for working so diligently on the medication for my baby "Onyx."  Onyx is 14 years old that I have been lucky enough to be him mom since he was 4 weeks old.  Recently he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Although I am happy to know what it is, I am I am relieved to know it is not anything more serious.  Your pharmacy worked with Karen at North Gratiot Vet to ensure the proper meds and instruction were translated.


 Hi Jane:

As requested, here is a photo of Olive Colaco.  She is a 7 year old Labrador Retriever.  She is responding nicely to the Cromolyn prescription that was prepared at CCC.  Thank you for your interest in her health.


The beagle on the left is Jackson with the green harness, he is 14 years old, the beagle with the red harness is Samuel Lee Dean who is 15 years old. They are our heart and souls and we appreciate everything you do to keep them going.
Thanks a lot!
Harry is a 2 year old siamese mix cat who has had allergy's to trees, grasses and weeds since he was 6 months old.  Harry goes to see Dr. Macina at the Animal Medical center in New York City.  Dr. Macina has him on a transderm medication that you folks make up for him.  With everyones care we hope to have Harry on the least amount of medications we can and keep him comfortable.
Thank you,  Handsome Harry  
Thank you for being available with the service you perform.
Here is a picture of "Milo", the recipient of your services.
We learned of CCC through our vet (Dr. Bonnie Burke @ Little Friends of Ferndale), who prescribed cyclosporin compound from you for our 13-year old beloved cat, Underwood, a.k.a. "Woody", who has been struggling and uncomfy with his condition that has not responded to traditional treatments.
Our contact person at CCC, Diane, called us in less than an hour after our vet had called in the prescription.  I was very, very impressed at the promptness, and also Diane's kind and loving demeanor and courtesy on the phone.
The medication arrived today, and Woody accepted his first (chicken-flavor!) dose quite well.  Will keep you posted as to how he responds.  We're praying for good results that our Woody has a few good years left in him with the proper medication!
I was so deeply touched to receive your package today that was obviously packed with great care, and the letter asking for a photo of our friend was so beyond what I would expect in this callous world where everyone and everything are seen as "commodities".  THANK YOU for being heads and tails (no pun intended) beyond the ordinary.
Here is a picture of Cheetah.  The medication worked very well for her eye.  She is my husband's cat and only listens to him.  They love each other very much.
Raisin is 15 years old and doing really well on the medicine.  (Acting like a kitten again).
HI!  My name is Jag.  I live at Lenawee Medical Care Facility.  My favorite spot during the winter is to lay on the copier.  I like to visit with residents and the people who work here.  Thanks for sending me my medicine because it helps me when I get sick.  Jag
Enclosed is a picture of Cuddles.  Please send me another batch of Cisapride.  It seems to be helping!  Sue
This is Zira and my cat is Church.  Thank you for the antibiotics and answering my questions.  I have full confidence that the meds will make my Zira well.  Lisa
Thank you for sending the shampoo for Kobra so quickly.  He has terrible flakes on his back.  The shampoo smelled good in the bottle and with softened water I like the way the soap rinses off well.  Karen    
Hi CCC and Cheryl...Thanks so much for the "liquid" Tuna medication you prepared for Bailery...the liquid form is so easy to give her!  Bailey is in one of her favorite boxes in this photo - in a Box!  Take Care, Linda    
To our friends at CCC,

When Patti asked how Daisy was and I told her we lost Daisy a few months ago, I could hear in her voice that this touched her.  Someone who we have never met went out of their way to send a card.  We are not always treated with care and thoughtfulness.  Maybe this is your policy at CCC or maybe we have found another special person.  Either way - Thank you.  Rick

Hello all at Creative Compounding Center.  Thank you so much for your promptness in sending Carly the medicine for her seizures.  Even though Carly is our little one, she rules the roost.  Dogs...what would we do without them.  Our little people with fur.

Thank you for helping me keep my cat Cozmo healthy and happy.  Ginger
Hello! My name is Maggie May  and recently you made a compound for me to help my eye.

I am a 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier who has been a cancer survivor for over 5 years now. I participate with a group of humans called Allison’s Army every year at the Allen Park Mich Cancer Relay for Life.

My Mom and Dad… of Canton Mich walk with me around the track.

This past year was a bit too long of a walk so Dad pulled me around the track in my little red wagon. This year he says he’s going to carry me!

Mom and Dad along with myself and my 20 pound “Tuxedo” cat brother Tristan would like to thank you for making the medication so I can feel better. Tristan and I snuggle up together when we travel so now I can feel better on our next trip……..Thanks again, Maggie May 
Hi, Here is Jessie. You prepared the ear medication a few weeks ago. He is now feeling pretty good! Thanks,  Carol     Jessie_ORourke_200x150.jpg
 Here is JR.  Thank you very much for the quick & friendly service.    JR_Bozich12.1.2010.jpg
This is a picture of Isaac  Diver with two of his pals.
I am so glad to be able to get his medicine in a pill form.  It is not easy getting him to take a liquid.
We received Tucker's prescription that was compounded by you and appreciate how friendly your company is.  It's nice to see pictures of all the employees.  We're hoping this helps control his seizures.  We've been giving him the potassium bromide in liquid form - the pills will be so much easier to administer in his pill pockets.  Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you for a long time!    TuckerCompton.jpg
You recently compounded a medication for my rescue cat "Gypsy".  How nice it was to have such an easy application of medication!  I rescued Gypsy from living in a large parking lot of a grocery store.  She was near starving and very sick.  I was glad that we decided to pick up our medication in person as my husband and I were so impressed with your center!  What a neat presentation with all the antique medical paraphernalia!  Our reception was both very personal and professional!  It is great to know that you are here for us.  Thanks for asking for our pet's picture!    
Enclosed is a photo of Akiyo.  He is with one of his stuffed toys.  He's 12 years old going on 13.
Thank you for compounding Pancho's medicine.  He's 15 years old, and he's my baby.  He's such an angel but when it comes to taking his medicine he turns into Devil Dog!
I've had Muffin for 14 years.  She has a personality like she's the Queen of the house.  She bosses my sister's cats around.  She takes her medicine twice a day.  She likes to play "string" with me.  You guys are the best.
Thank you all for making the medication that will hopefully give Abby a few more years.  Abby is smart, loves to play bal, take walks and travel and listens better than anybody. LOL  She is a wonderful poodle and commands the household.  I just wanted to let you know that you are making this family happy.    
Hobie loves his tuna flavored medicine and begs for it twice a day.  Thank you for that.  He can be quite a pistol sometimes.  
This is Tessa Mae loving her chocolate Lab Buddy.  Tessa is doing 100% better with the new eyedrops.
Nicko is my loving companion and friend.  He just turned 4 on June 2, 2010.  I adore him and hate to see him going through changes with dermititis.  The gel is working very well on his ear.  Thank you for helping him to get better.
Here you have Scooter with me, close, he is my shadow.  He wants all the attention.  If I  try to site in the living room and read, he would just jump in my lap and crush the paper!
Lucy is doing very well on the methinazoe you make for her!
Thank you for making medicine especially for me!  It tastes yummy!  Zeke
My family and I would like to thank you for the medicine that we just received for our sick Guinea Pig.  Also, we very much appreciate the wonderful and speedy customer service that we received only yesterday.  Our pet has Pneumonia and we are so glad now that we will be able to start her on her medicine.  We can't thank you enough.

Just wanted to send a couple of pictures of our dog, Buddy for your photo album ...if you want.If only one can be used,feel free to pick whichever one you want.
I'd also like to mention that as a very recently new customer, I'm am VERY IMPRESSED with the outstanding  customer service you all have provided  Buddy and me. Everyone I've spoken with over the phone has been so helpful, courteous and informative from day one. And when I experienced a problem with a flavoring liquid in Buddy's med., your company not only corrected the problem without hesitation but did so in an extreamly quick fashion!
Again, Buddy, my husband and I would  like to Thank Everyone for being so helpful!
John, Lori, and Buddy Jeske
To all of you at Creative Compounding Center-

We were so touched that you wanted to see a picture of Chloe.  She has been a very special dog in our family.  We have always said that whenever any of us are not feeling well (physically or emotionally), Chloe puts on her "nurses cap" and loyally sets herself up right by our side until she feels we don't need her anymore.  Now it's her turn to need that from us.

Chloe is a black & Tan (well, now gray) Cocker Spaniel.  The picture I am sending was taken at the hospital by a dear friend, just before they removed the mass.  They weren't sure she would make it through surgery because she has a heart condition and anesthesia is dangerous for her.  So, this picture is especially meaningful.  We feel lucky to have this extra time with her, no matter what happens from this point on.  We hope the chemotherapy will make a difference.

Thanks so much for what you do.
With our best wishes,
Chloe's family--Ann, Drew, Andrew & Gab