Snickers is now on 4 days with no medication and 6 week visits to Dr. Marshall. I rate him at 90%.  We are currently working on the neck and the top of his wings to grow feathers in. He is doing great.


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In Memorium

jerry.gifMr. Gerald DuFresne, RPH, founder of Creative Compounding Center, passed away on April 26, 2008.  He graduated from Wayne State University in 1966.  His pharmacist career began at Cunningham Drugs in Detroit.  He worked at independent pharmacies and pharmacies he had purchased between 1980 and 1999.  Loving compounding, he and his wife Cheryl opened Creative Compounding Center in Lapeer, Michigan in 1999.  They moved their business to Imlay City in 2004 and built a state of the art compounding lab when they outgrew their building in Lapeer.
Jerry was actively involved in business and community activities.  He was a member of Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church in Dryden, MI. and belonged to IACP, PCCA, ACA, BNI, Imlay City Historical Society. He was the President of the Almont Historical Society.

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Veterinary Compounding

As every veterinarian knows, medicating animals can be a nightmare.  Each animal is unique in their own way.  Pharmacists and veterinarians have to work together as problem solvers to compound special medications to meet the unique needs of each animal in order to improve the animal's health and make the owner happy again.

Everything that humans use, animals use too.  The only problem is that most animals don't like tablets or capsules and they don't care for the flavors that human medications come in.  At Creative Compounding Center, we can compound medications in all sorts of flavors (tuna, chicken, bubblegun, strawberry, etc.)  that the animal will like.  Not only that, we compound medications in non-standard dosages to meet the unique needs of that animal.

Our employees are trained to help answer any questions you may have about compounding.  We have the resources to help you choose the best route of administration and dosage form for any domestic or exotic animal.

In order to receive more information about the benefits of compounded medicines, please click on the Veterinarian Request Form link above to print it out.  You may fax the completed form to us at the Creative Compounding Center Office.  Our fax number is 1-810-724-3303.

Proud member of the PCCA:  Professional Compounding Center of America